FAQs - Pak Agents

Q: Is the service free of cost?

A: Yes. Searching for your dream house or apartment is absolutely free. So is placing an advertisement. We charge nominal fee for legal services which are provided by independent law firms.


Q: Are these legal services provided by reputable organisations?

A: These firms are on the panel of Pakistan Bar Association and provide legal services to top financial institutions of the country. They have a country-wide presence and have an established reputation.


Q: How do you provide evaluation services for properties?

A: You can use our evaluation services, for legal documents or of the physical property before buying. In this way you you will not risk your life savings and ensure a hassle free transaction. Our lawyers will assess/verify the authenticity of the legal documents and confirm that the chain of documents is complete and up to date. Our appraisers will appraise the value of the property taking into account the condition of the property, quality of the material used in construction and most importantly, verify that the construction is as per the approved building plan.