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Property Management

Pak Agents proudly provide Pakistan’s first and only comprehensive Property Management Exclusive Services.

Our services range from the basic to the fully comprehensive packages that aim to provide you a hassle-free process for one of the most important decisions of your life; your home. In the major cities of Pakistan, we take care of your investments in a  number of options suitable for you which include the following:


Rent Investor

Landlords, we manage your rented properties. We will draw up all the legal documents between both parties, to give you peace of mind and legitimate security. We will also deal with the major and minor maintenance issues of your property, as per your contract. Finally, we will also be ensuring that your rent is collected on your behalf and paid into your account.

Silver Member ship (rent upto Rs 100,000) Rs. 5000/month

₨ 5,000.00 Book Now

Gold Membership (Rental Rs 100k-299k) Rs. 10000/month

₨ 10,000.00 Book Now

Platinum membership (Rental Rs. 300k+) Rs. 20000/month

₨ 20,000.00 Book Now


Installment Investor

A service for investors who have booked plots and/or apartments on installments. We can offer our professional services to manage and keep track of your payments for each of your different assets and investments, ensuring legitimate reconciliation of the payments made. We will also maintain a record of all communication between the builders and property developers to keep you fully up to date with the progress of your investment.

Silver Member ship (Installment upto Rs 100,000) Rs. 3000/month

₨ 3,000.00 Book Now

Gold Membership (Installment Rs 100k-299k) Rs. 5000/month

₨ 5,000.00 Book Now

Platinum membership (Installments 300k+) Rs. 8000/month

₨ 8,000.00 Book Now




Absentee Landlord

For a nominal fee we can provide caretaker and general maintenance services for your empty home or land, as per your request and requirements.

Silver member: Rs 4,000 per month (Collections of Bills and monthly inspection of the property.)

₨ 4,000.00 Book Now

Gold member: Rs 6,000 per month (Collections of Bills and bi-weekly inspection of the property.)

₨ 6,000.00 Book Now

Platinum member: Rs 12,000 per month (Collections of Bills and daily inspection of the property. Cleaning up of property on a bi-weekly basis.)

₨ 12,000.00 Book Now


Sale Purchase Assistance

We offer the unique service of providing end-to-end solutions for your property transaction needs. Our expert legal team helps in vetting the property documents to ensure that they are inline with the legal requirements for your peace of mind. We also provide help and assistance in processing the Sale/Purchase transaction at the appropriate local authorities, keeping the interest and safety of your assets paramount, and your hassles minimal. Our legal team will help you with every step through the process without you having to involve and rely on costly real estate agents. For a fixed nominal fee, we are providing advice and assistance, pre and post transaction.

Legal documents vetting for each property Rs 20,000

₨ 20,000.00 Book Now

Property transaction Execution Rs 20,000                          


₨ 20,000.00 Book Now

Documents vetting + Property transaction Execution Rs 35000

₨ 40,000.00 ₨ 35,000.00 Book Now

Note: Customised services provided on request for different requirements across the country.